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A whole new blog!

Earlier this year I switched web hosts and in the process my previous blog mysteriously vanished. Having started the process of rescuing and rebuilding what was lost (yep, I kept a backup) I reached a point where I began to think a clean break and a fresh start would be the better option. The result is this new, brighter and shinier blog. Something (hopefully) a little less formulaic and more suited to my needs. I’ll take some of the best parts of the old blog and will post a few of my favourite memories from time to time, intermingled with brand new and exciting content.

As we have now edged past the halfway point of the year, the summer holidays are coming to an end and the children will be returning to school, I thought what better time to pull together my projects, sort out the blog and update the world with my progress. I’ve worked on some rather large projects this year and will be posting more about them soon. For now, let us just enjoy the final few carefree days of summer, climb a hill, fly out above the city on a rope swing and prepare for a hectic season of photography as we await family portraits among the vibrant colours of Autumn. Speaking of which, head on over to my Facebook page for the details of my summer family portrait offer. Be quick, the deadline for bookings is this Friday, September 1st!

Rope swing

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