JUST A CARD: Supporting Indie Businesses

I only became aware of the JUST A CARD campaign relatively recently, but it’s a campaign that resonates with me on so many levels. Martin Jones Photography itself is an independent business that I’ve slowly grown over the last fourteen years. This year, 2019, has been an incredible year, my busiest yet and this workload is due to a network of small, independent creative businesses that I am pleased to call my clients, collaborators and suppliers.

Through Martin Jones Photography I help others to develop and define their visual style, supplying them with photography and video to advertise and grow their own business. For me to be able to carry out this work there is a chain of small independents that I rely upon as my suppliers. I work with local designers, galleries, frame makers, mount providers, printers and a plethora of others without whom I couldn’t possibly offer my own services to other creatives and small indies.

Over the last ten years we’ve witnessed the decline of our high streets with both independents and national and international chains vanishing at a startling rate. I’d like to think that this could lead to opportunities for small, creative indie businesses to work alongside landlords and local councils to reinvigorate the local landscape, fill the high street with indies that we can get behind and break the curse of the identikit town centre. I’ve seen a few promising initiatives but not enough to allow these indies to gain enough of a foothold to flourish and grow. As the campaign suggests, if everyone bought ‘just a card’ we can lend our support to these talented creatives who bring a little bit of quality workmanship to our lives. Click on the logo below to find out more about the JUST A CARD campaign.

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